• KR Ventures, LLC

    KR Ventures, LLC

    (formerly K2 Land Company) We bring to our clients decades of land and technical experience in the domestic energy industry.
  • Mineral Appraisals

    Mineral Appraisals

    KR Ventures LLC provides mineral appraisals & assessments.
  • Titles & Ownership

    Titles & Ownership

    Mineral title research of fee, state & federal ownerships

About us

Our firm provides a full range of client services for the domestic oil, gas, mining and renewable industries
KR Ventures, •	Mineral and surface title examination and analysis

The KR Advantage

• Timely, accurate and cost-effective
• Expert assistance, representation and/or negotiation
• Professional presentation of results
• Full GIS and mapping capability
• Proprietary financial modeling

The KR Ventures Team

Kevin Stowe

Kevin Stowe

Kevin has worked as a professional landman in the energy industry for approximately 41 years with experience in real property transactions and surface infrastructure development on properties throughout North America. His expertise is in mineral title ownership determinations and a variety client management services for large landowners and corporate entities including leasing, acquisitions and divestitures. Kevin is an AAPL Certified Professional landman (1990) and recently completed AAPL’s Renewable Energy Certificate program. He is also a licensed Wyoming ranch real estate sales agent.
Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis

Richard brings 45 years of technical, business and legal experience in the energy industry to the KR team. He is expert at resource valuation and assessment in oil, gas and mineral projects and properties throughout North America, working with majors, independents and landowners in a variety of roles. His background includes extensive work in renewable projects in the western states, providing market analyses, financial modeling and negotiations to both developers and offtakers. Mr Ellis is also a licensed attorney in the state of Colorado, and routinely conducts title and ownership reviews and opinions for KR clients.

Client Services

We are expert at managing mineral assets and developing strategies to enhance value for property owners, large and small.

Mineral Title & Ownerships

• Mineral and surface title examination and analysis
• Resolution of problems and curative issues

Mineral Appraisals and Valuations

• Probate, lease and buy/sell support
• Using accepted Industry methods and standards

Resource Assessments and Analyses

• For owner strategy development, easement certifications, “remoteness” opinions, etc.

Agreements & Representation

• Leases, surface use agreements, buy/sell transactions
• Negotiation support and assistance
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KR Ventures, LLC has the skills, capabilities and experience to address any land acquisition, management, development or divestiture program.

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